When I first heard from Georg that he wanted to make a piece for Luzern Theater with the songs of David Bowie, a very colourful image came into my mind. When I started to design for the project, I didn’t want to make only the costumes for dance, I also wanted to create the clothes people would like to wear for parties, they want to enjoy themselves in it for daily life as well. I made different shapes and cuts for each design, chose variation of the colour combinations, different materials for each piece to show the texture and characters. It’s fun to work on the individual pieces, and see the relationship between them, How I can create the atmosphere for the piece, how I can let the dancers move in it and feel fun and free, how I can bring the vibes together to build a party mood…
 This is a collaboration with the Collective group Elephants and Volcanoes. I designed 4 outfits for the performance/exhibition at "the Old truman brewery" in London. The idea is to create something connects to the ocean and deep sea creatures. I used the neutral colour, played with shapes and forms, trying to deliver a sense of transformation when the performers move with the clothes in different positions, the relationship between form and motion. 
The seed of time
Black sea